I am very honoured to receive a copy of the ‘Tudor Book of Days’ by the Tudor Times. The dairy is just stunning. Without providing a year this diary is able to be used for the rest of 2017, 2018 and beyond. As well as large spaces provided for each day to write notes, events etc. there is a monthly planner so you to jot down birthdays, anniversaries, reminders, special events or any other important details. At the end of each month there is also a large note section which any extra pieces of information can be noted down.

As well as a functional and versatile diary the ‘Tudor Book of Days’ acts as a day to day guide of the Tudor age; detailing important events, births, deaths, Feast Days and more. As well as daily snippets of Tudor information there is an Index of People at the back of the diary which details a brief biography of over a hundred and fifty Tudor people. In addition to this there is an Index of Events and Entries which is outlined by month and provides even more information about social and political events during the Tudor age.

Made from high quality materials, a hard cover and an absolutely stunning design, this ‘Tudor Book of Days’ by the Tudor Times is an absolute must have for any Tudor enthusiast!

To purchase your own ‘Tudor Book of Days’ for only £15, (bargain! You can also purchase if you are from another country), then please follow the link: Tudor Book of Days


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