Everyday Life in Tudor London by Stephen Porter

I thoroughly enjoyed Stephen Porter’s book ‘Everyday Life in Tudor London’, so much so that I found once I picked it up I didn’t want to put it down! Porter explores what life was like for the people of London during the Tudor age, examining both the people and how London itself changed in terms of the buildings, streets, churches and trade.

Throughout the book Porter details the types of jobs that people did, how the Church dominated so much of people’s lives and then how the Reformation changed the way people practiced their faith. He explored what people ate, the types of entertainment they enjoyed, the epidemics that swept through London during the age and how people dealt with sickness. Porter also explores the changing laws and how the Monarch and the government affected the ruling and happenings within London.

I also really enjoyed how Porter examined the multitude of trade that went through London, to and from the ever expanding city. He discussed in detail the different people that came to London from all over the world, especially during times of upheaval in Europe and how this influx affected the common Londoner. I very much enjoyed learning about the markets in London, where people could buy different types of items and how these markets changed throughout the century.

Porter’s book also provides a large number of first hand examples from people who lived in London, looking at primary documents and letters to provide these examples. It was fascinating to read what people thought of the ever expanding city, their worries, concerns and what they enjoyed.

Well researched, easy to read I highly recommend Porter’s book. It provides a fascinating and compelling look at what London was really like during the Tudor age.

Everyday Life in Tudor England by Stephen Porter

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