I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to the Tudor Times for sending me a copy of this stunning ‘Tudor Book of the Garden’.


This book is a stunning combination of the history of Tudor gardens as well as a garden planner for your own yard. There is a great deal of information all about the types of gardens in the Tudor era, what tools they used, gardening books of the age as well as the types of plants that were planted and what they were used for.

There are also sections divided into seasons in which you can put your own information about your garden, what you have planted and space to draw out a map for your garden. There are also helpful hints on when to plant certain flowers, when to prune and the best time to plan different types of vegetables.

The layout of this book is just beautiful and it is decorated with images of Tudor plants and gardens. It’s very easy to use and a great book to keep handy and use all year round.

The only small consideration is that some parts of this Tudor Book of the Garden isn’t suitable for people in the southern hemisphere. Simply because the seasons are reversed eg. The book has summer from June to August where in the southern hemisphere June to August is winter. However other parts of the book are valuable as they provide a wonderful wealth of gardening information and Tudor gardening history and overall this does not diminish from the usefulness and beauty of this book.

Tudor Book of the Garden is only £15 and available on April 18th, however it would be a real shame to miss out, luckily you can preorder your copy now!

Tudor Book of the Garden

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