John Morton: Adversary of Richard III. Power Behind the Tudors

By Stuart Bradley


I will readily admit that I knew little of the life of John Morton before I picked up Stuart Bradley’s book; which I have come to find is a shame as Morton was a fascinating man! I knew of Morton in regards to his relationship with Margaret Beaufort and passing messages to her son, Henry Tudor, yet the rest of his life remained a mystery.

In his book, Bradley has shed a light on Morton’s life, from his middling early years to his dramatic rise through the church. Morton was more than just a man that passed messages, he was a man that weathered the great storms of the Wars of the Roses and came out on top. From working for Henry VI to his transfer of allegiance to Edward IV to his time in hiding with the future Henry VII, Morton was a man who maneuvered his way through a dangerous time in England’s history.

Bradley showed that Morton was a man of extreme intelligence. A man that was not just committed to his religious duties, but who served his King’s faithfully and developed deep and lasting relationships, especially with Henry VII. The two men worked seamlessly together, furthering the Tudor cause, squashing rebellions and pretenders as well as keeping England’s coffers full.

John Morton was a fascinating, intelligent and dedicated man; dedicated to his faith and to his King. Bradley has done a brilliant job and bringing Morton to life through the use of first-hand documents and intelligent writing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend.


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