Hello! I’m Sarah Bryson and I live in Australia. I have a deep and long-enduring passion for Tudor history and the period of English history commonly known as the Wars of the Roses. Since I was a young girl I have been fascinated with the  15th and 16th centuries.

I have read and written extensively on the reigns of Henry VI, Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VII and Henry VIII as well as Tudor personalities of the court including Anne Boleyn, Charles Brandon, Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII and Mary Boleyn. I have also spent a great deal of time researching the events that happened during the Wars of the Roses and the Tudor age and how these influenced the happenings and decisions of the time.

I have had the great pleasure of visiting England on three separate occasions. I was able to visit such historical places closely linked to the Tudors including Hampton Court, Hever Castle, Windsor Castle, St George’s Chapel, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Hall, Peterborough Cathedral, The Globe, Grimsthorpe Castle, Bosworth Field, Caister Castle, Buckden Towers, Bury St Edmunds, Sudeley Castle, Tewkesbury, Warwick Castle, Westhorpe, and Tattershall Castle.

I have written a book about Mary Tudor, the younger sister of King Henry VIII. I spent three years researching her life from what was happening in England before she was born to her family’s legacy. I have explored her time in France as the short-lived wife of King Louis XII and Queen of France to her treasonous and sudden marriage to Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.

I am currently writing about Mary’s husband, Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk and the male line of his family. Using primary documents from the early 15th century through to the middle of the 16th century I have detailed the lives of four generations of extraordinary men who lived and served England’s Kings. My book is due to be released in 2020.

I have a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Honours and currently work with children. I have written a number of guest articles for such websites as Tudor Dynasty, Tudor Times, Queen Anne Boleyn, and On the Tudor Trail. I  have a strong passion for Tudor re-enactment and have done several photoshoots wearing my Tudor gown; which were a lot of fun! I have had the opportunity to give a number of talks in England about my book on Mary Tudor in some incredible places including St Mary’s church at Bury St Edmunds and Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire. I have also had the honour of judging the costume reenactment competition for the 2017 Gumeracha Medieval Fair.





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