Over the years I have had the great pleasure of writing a number of articles for the website The Tudor Society. The Tudor Society is dedicated to bringing Tudor history to life and contributors include authors and historians who are passionate about all things Tudor.

The articles I have written include topics focusing on various Tudor people, places, events, positions within the Tudor court, and happenings that affected life during the Tudor age….

Catherine and Henry Carey

Catherine Parr

Childbirth in Medieval and Tudor Times

Elizabeth (Bessie) Blount

Marriage in Tudor Times

Martin Luther

Menstruation in the Tudor Age

No Longer Queen – 9 April 1533

Sexual Intercourse in Tudor Times

The Death of Arthur Tudor

The Order of the Bath

The Paternity of Catherine and Henry Carey

The Physical Decline of Henry VIII

The Pilgrimage of Grace

The Pregnancies of Katherine of Aragon

The Three Great Officers of Henry VIII’s Court

What is a Groom of the Stool?

What is an Order of the Garter?

William Tyndale


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