I am very excited to announce that Amberley Publishing will be publishing my new book “La Reine Blanche: Mary Tudor A Life in Letters”.

Amberley Publishing are a United Kingdom company who have a long history of publishing high quality historical non-fiction books, including a large range of Tudor books from historians such as Josephine Wilkinson, Amy Licence, Nathen Amin, Gareth Russel, Lauren Mackay, Elizabeth Norton, Steven Gunn, Sarah Morris, Natalie Grueninger, and Sean Cunningham. It is a great honour to soon be publishing amongst such amazing historians and authors.

This book has been a labour of love and I have spent many years researching the life of Mary Tudor, younger sister of King Henry VIII. I have used the primary letters written by Mary and letters written of the age to and about her to examine her life in greater detail. It is my aim that through this book, in an age dominated by men, the reader will gain a deeper understanding of the strong, determined woman that Mary truly was.

Available 15th February 2018! You can Preorder from Amazon.co.uk NOW!

La Reine Blanche

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