On 15th October 2018, I had the great honour of being on ‘Talking Tudors’, a fantastic podcast discussing all things Tudor run by Natalie Grueninger. I had a wonderful chat with Natalie about one of my favourite Tudor personalities and the subject of my book ‘La Reine Blanche: Mary Tudor a Life in Letters’ – Mary Tudor. Mary was the sister of King Henry VIII, daughter of King Henry VII, wife of King Louis XII of France and after his death, wife of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk (Henry VIII’s best friend!) It was an honour to discuss Mary and her fascinating life.

Episode 11 – Talking Tudors


On 24th February 2019, I had a wonderful chat on Rebecca Larson’s podcast ‘Tudors Dynasty’. It was fantastic to chat with Rebecca about the subject of my first book, Mary Tudor and one of the subjects of my upcoming book, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. Brandon was a fascinating man who led an incredible life. There have been so many misconceptions written about him over the years that it was a wonderful opportunity to chat with Rebecca about who this man really was.

Episode: Author Sarah Bryson on Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon


On 15th June 2019, I had the fantastic opportunity to be part of Renaissance English History Podcast’s Tudor Summit. I was able to chat about my favourite Tudor personality, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. Learn about his rise in the Tudor court and his extraordinary life, including committing treason by marrying King Henry VIII’s sister!

Sarah Bryson at the Tudor Summit on Charles Brandon

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